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Reporter Forms Payment Forms
 Transcript Order Form & Exhibit Turn In  Direct Deposit Form
 Uniform Format Examples  W-9 Form
 Exhibit Naming Instructions
Reporter Job Instructions
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start time
  • Follow up with CSI Case Manager upon conclusion regarding rough draft orders or expedites
  • Obtain signed orders or orders on record
  • Obtain instruction for handling read and sign. Don't forget Rule 30(b)(5)(C) for federal cases- At the end of a deposition, the officer must state on the record that the deposition is complete and must set out any stipulations made by the attorneys or about any other pertinent matters such as who gets errata for read and sign.
  • 25 lines per page unless jurisdiction requires otherwise.
Rough Drafts (if ordered)
  • Send same evening to attorneys and cc:
  • Include the witness name and job number in your email to ensure payment for the rough is not overlooked
  • Please notify all parties that a rough draft is available for purchase
  • Due by the 5th business day unless expedited. They will be uploaded to the repository. Do not send by US Mail. See your individual worksheet for our Fed Ex account number.
  • Include Exhibit Worksheet and Transcript Order form
  • Ship to: CSI Global Deposition Services
    4950 N. O’Connor Rd., Ste. 152
    Irving, TX 75062
  • Due by the 7th business day unless expedite
  • Include in the transcript time used on record by each party
  • Complete online turn-in
  • Submit final ascii electronically through RealLegal or upload files through online turn-in
  • You may attach your signature page and invoice if applicable at this time
  • CSI GDS Firm Registration No. 526